Edinbane Township Isle of Skye

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Edinbane Township Isle of Skye by John MacInnes MBE
New Second Edition - 2015

About the Book

This second edition has been published as the result of numerous requests from home and overseas and includes substantial updates to the original manuscript, together with new information based on further research.

Those who have a direct connection with the Township of Edinbane on the Isle of Skye, or have an interest in the Highland way of life or, indeed, merely a passing affection for the Inner Hebrides, will find this updated historical account of a community and its people enthralling.

The story is told both from the perspective of researched documented evidence and anecdotal accounts, the latter related by family members who were born and raised in the Township, from 1871 through to the present day.

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Edinbane Township, Isle of Skye: An Island Community and Its People [Paperback] by John MacInnes. ISBN-13: 978-0957370319.
RRP £13.99 UK. RRP $20.99 USA.
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"For numerous reasons, 'Edinbane Township, Isle of Skye - An Island Community and its People' is a labour of love, and the devotion shines through every page. Buy John MacInnes's book to discover why part of the Stone of Destiny is somewhere, somehow within the parish bounds; to learn of the link with Edinbane and the Falkland Islands; to hear of Skye's first hospital; to realise once again that a small Skye village has seen the world, and the world has come to Edinbane."

Roger Hutchinson, West Highland Free Press 

The concept of a model island village was very much at the heart of Kenneth MacLeod's vision when he purchased Edinbane on his return from India in the 1860's. The book tracks the history of the Township from the 1800's to the time of the clearances and beyond. It makes reference to the evidence given by the crofters from Edinbane to the Napier Commission of Inquiry held in 1883, and to the sacrifices made during the Two World Wars. It also references prominent individuals from, or connected to, the Township. Furthermore, it respectfully and proudly records both the names of those who have lived and presently live on the crofts and in the Township.

About the Author

John MacInnes was born in Paisley in 1941. A chartered engineer, John worked for Weir Pumps, the Engineering Industry Training Board and latterly for Rolls-Royce Plc., in Scotland. It was here, in December 2003, that he was awarded the honour of a Member of the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire, for services to the Aerospace and Engineering Industries in Scotland. He has, for the past fifty years, spent every holiday in Edinbane. He has previously published a short collection of poems and jointly authored a series of music theory books for the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association. This book sees John as an author with an affinity for discovering and sharing the history and anecdotes about the people and the crofting Township of Edinbane, Isle of Skye.

Updated 24 March 2015